10 Awesome Gifts for Nail Polish Lovers

Shopping for a nail polish lover is one of the easiest thing to do. Wrap up a boxed set of any kind of nail goodies and we’ll be smiling for days. Here are some excellent gift sets, tools, and products for manicure enthusiasts on this list. Any of these nail polish gift ideas will be perfect for a polish loving friend, or you could even stick them under the tree as a personal present for yourself.


Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit

A gel nail set is one of the ultimate gifts for nail lovers, especially one who doesn’t already own these tools. This set is perfect because it’s inexpensive and it includes all the things that a person will need to complete their gel manicure. It comes with a color gel polish, the gel cleanser and primer, the base and top coat, wipes, manicure accessories, instructions, and most importantly, the LED lamp. To really spice the gift up, throw in a few extra gel polish colors and you’re good to go.



Londontown Kur Nail Treatment Set

Kur by Londontown is a cool treatment set for nourishing, restoring and strengthening nails. As all polish lovers know, caring for the health of nails is just as important as giving them a lovely coat of color. The set includes a nail hardener and a top coat that work together to thicken the keratin of the nail. a cuticle oil that nourishes and hydrate the nail roots and cuticle, nail cream for handling nails that are weak and peeling, and a nail polish remover that’s acetone free and strengthens the nails rather than damaging or drying them out. Using the treatment daily will breath new life into all nails, even the most damaged, making it one of the most excellent gift ideas for nail polish lovers.



Butter London Gears and Gadgets Ultimate Lacquer Trunk

The Gears and Gadget Lacquer Trunk from Butter London is one of the best nail polish gift sets and you’ll probably want to keep all for yourself. Not only does it include 20 awesome color polishes, but it also includes Butter London’s much loved top and base coat, a matte finish, and a nail strengthener. And if my word on how awesome this nail polish gift basket is isn’t enough, Oprah listed it as one of her picks on her beauty gift guide.



Clarisonic Pedi

Maybe your nail loving friend has everything that they need for their hands, but how about some tools to show some love to their feet? It’s always nice to top off a great manicure with a just as great pedicure and the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Kit is one of the best nail gift ideas for such a thing. This set includes a pedi device , a brush head, a smoothing disc, pedi buff treatment, pedi balm, and pedi boost, as a well as a charger. All of these tools work together to help achieve the smoothest skin possible and help soften rough feet.



Jenna Hipp Essential Nail and Hand Cream

These nail and hand creams come in beautiful packaging and would make an excellent stocking stuffer or the perfect addition to a nail gift basket. Each cream is formulated with 20% Shea butter and there’s no artificial fragrance. It’ll absorb into the hands and leave them feeling soft and nourished throughout the day. People who love to polish their nails need a lot of love and extra moisture in the hands and this is a perfect cream for keeping them healthy and lovely.



Jenna Hipp The New Moderns

This is another awesome product from Jenna Hipp. This mini nail polish set comes with 8 lovely, neutral colors. All of the colors are subtle, and not too wacky, which is perfect if you want to make sure your lucky friend will actually like the polishes included in the set. If you’ve never heard of Jenna Hipp all you need to know is that the polishes from her brand are super awesome. They’ll last long and they’re easy to apply thanks to the shape of the brush. You may even get some gift giving bonus points for introducing your friend to a polish brand they’ve never heard of. Score!



Sephora The Twenty-Two

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably passed by this set of polishes in Sephora and looked longingly at it. It includes 22 polishes from Sephora’s Formula X collection in a range of bright, bold colors to pastels, to some colors that have a cool marble effect. This is one of those nail polish gifts that might be hard to give away, so it may be a good idea to have a back up gift in case you don’t want to give it up!



NYX Fall in Love

Since it’s winter, it’s probably a good idea to get sets that come with more neutral colors and dark toned colors, this way the polishes can be used right away instead of waiting for the warmer months when the pastels and neons can be broken out. This set from NYX comes with 18 beautiful polishes that are not only great for fall, but they’ll be lovely to wear through the cold months as well.



Ciate Nail Lab

This is probably one of the most unique and cool nail polish Christmas gift sets you could possibly get. This set will allow you to create insanely unique manicures from rolling your nails around in glitter to using the nail tools to make creative designs. It comes with 6 mini polishes, 4 empty polish bottles for mixing colors, 6 top coats for attaching glitters, 12 glitters, and some other tools for creating looks and labeling designs.



Nail Art Brushes

Every aspiring nail artist needs the tools to get the job done, This set of nail art brushes includes all the brushes that are necessary to complete those really cool looks we’ve all spent hours saving on Pinterest. The set includes 20 pieces of different sized brushes and dotting pens. Additionally, it includes a nice little pouch to keep the tools safe and tucked away. You can get really creative with nail art gifts like this by printing out some beautiful design ideas and creating an inspiration book as a companion piece to the brushes.



Nail Polish Gift Baskets
If you’re more of a DIY kind of person, a nail polish gift basket would be one of the most incredible nail polish Christmas gifts to give to a polish lover. Grab a gorgeous box or basket, or get even more creative and design your own, then pack it full of polishes from different brands and include lots of different colors, Throw in some nail tools and some hand lotions and you’ve got the ultimate nail gift basket.

Grab a gift from this list and you’re guaranteed to make any polish lover or beauty aficionado happy. The hardest part will be trying to part with the gifts, but it’s still considered giving if you give it to yourself, right?