10 Different Types of Manicures

Need ideas for what to do with your nails? Check out this guide to different types of manicures to see what possibilities there are and get inspired. Some of these can be done at home with practice. If not, remember there’s always a salon that can do it for you.

Basic Manicure
This is the most simple manicure and it’s easy to do by yourself at home. Start by using oil and lotion to massage your hands and cuticles. Then soak your hands in warm water. Push your cuticles back,  and clip and shape the nails. When everything is all neat and tidy, massage and moisturize your hands. Paint your nails as you usually would, and allow them to dry. This is one of the greatest ways to relax and pamper yourself. Something so simple can make you feel so good.


Acrylic Manicure
With this kind of manicure, false nails are applied to either the entire nail or to the tips to provide strength and enhance the length of your nails. As the nails grow out, you can return to the salon to have the manicure filled in. If you continue the upkeep, you can often extend the manicure for a really long time. This is the best way to have long nails without the wait, and it’s even better if you have difficulty growing them out anyway.


Gel Manicure
Gel polish is applied to the nails in all kinds of colors. Then it’s cured under a nail lamp. This results in a long lasting, polished finish. Gel polish is less prone to chipping than basic nail polishes. You can often go on for weeks without any damage with a well done gel manicure.

Silk Manicure
Silk manicures involve fabric wraps that are glued to the nails. This will strengthen weak nails or repair damaged nails so that they can grow back in a healthy manner. Despite the name, the fabrics used in a silk wrap vary. Silk can be used, but so can linen and even paper.


French Manicure
A French manicure is the easiest way to get an elegant yet natural look. Clear, pale pink, or nude polish is applied to the entire nail. White polish is then applied along the tips of the nails. This look is perfect for any occasion, formal or not.


Reverse French Manicure
Similar to a basic French manicure, a reverse French manicure involves painting the nail a single color of your choice. Then the area of the nail that touches the cuticle, often referred to as the “moon” of the nail, is painted another shade. Any colors can be used.

Paraffin Manicure
A paraffin manicure is a wonderful way to restore moisture to the hands and nails. The entire hand is soaked in paraffin wax, infusing the nails and the skin with moisture. The wax is then left on the skin for between 5-30 minutes. After the wax is removed, your hands will be left incredibly smooth.


3D manicure
3D manicures are one of the most unique things you can do to your nails. Any kind of shape, stone, or item is applied to the nail to create unique, funky looks. The objects are used to create an accent nail and make your manicure pop, literally. Or you can go all out and put pieces everywhere.


Using an airbrush is the easiest way to create intricate designs, and effects on the nails. An airbrushing machine is used to spray polish onto the nails. Most of the time, a stencil is utilized to create the designs, however, if you have the talent, you can even go free hand.

Sticker Manicure
Stickers are very in recently. You apply them to your nails and then file them into shape. The result is a long lasting design that you probably would never have been able to achieve without the sticker. There’s no artistic skill necessary. These can be picked up from most drugstores.