18 Tips for Painting Nails

Painting nails is the perfect way to add a splash of color and personality to your look. There are so many colors and styles to choose from. But there’s a lot more to painting nails than just picking a color and throwing it on. Get the most out of your polished look with these tips for painting nails.

1. Have all of your supplies ready before starting. This will help you reduce the risk of smudging your nails while digging around for items you’ll need later on.

2. When it comes to nail polish, expensive doesn’t always mean best quality. There are plenty of budget nail polish brands with great formulas, so do your research before you splurge.

3. Soak your nails. Soaking nails in solution of water and white vinegar will strip oils and leftovers from nail polish remover, leaving you with a nice, clean base to start your manicure.

4. Don’t shake your nail polish. Shaking can cause bubbles to form and your manicure will be less smooth. Instead, rub your polish between your hands to warm it up. This will mix the polish without the bubble effect.

5. Rescue your old polish. If your polish is gloopy and old and you don’t have thinner on hand, a couple of drops of clear polish can be added to thin it out without ruining the original formula.

6. Always use a base coat. A base coat will smooth the surface your nail and help the polish stick better. It will also prevent bubbles, resulting in a longer lasting manicure. Just be sure to let it dry fully before adding color.

7. Spread your fingers on a flat surface when painting. This will help keep your hands steady as you apply color.

8. Work in layers. Remove excess paint from the brush and start with a thin application of color. Build up more color by adding additional layers.

9. For the most perfect polished look, allow the first coat of color to dry before adding another one. Do the same for every additional coat. It sounds long and tedious, but this will help prevent smudging. Nail painting done right can be time consuming. It’s important not to rush through so that you’ll be completely happy with your results.

10. Turn on the TV or blast some music before you begin. Because painting is a long process, doing this will encourage less rushing and make it far more enjoyable. Take your time, relax, and be patient. You’ll have a better manicure for it.

11. Use the 3 stripe method. Start with a stripe down the middle of your nail and then do two more on either side. Your finished nails will look a lot more neat when using this method.

12. When applying a glitter top coat, dab the polish on to the nail rather than brushing it on. This will evenly distribute the glitter along the nail.

13. Use a top coat. A top coat will add extra shine, protection, and prevent early chipping. A top coat will give the manicure a more finished appearance. Adding a little extra top coat to the tips of the nails will seal the color in and prevent the worn out look that can occur when the tips chip. If your nails are longer, you can seal the color in even more by painting the underside of the nail as well.

14. Wipe away mistakes using vaseline. Use a Q-Tip to apply vaseline to the part of the skin where polish has smeared, but don’t add it to the nails. Use a cuticle stick to rub away the stuck polish. It will come off like magic.

15. Lick your polish. Okay, this is a weird one, but if you find a smudge in your fresh nails, use your tongue to smooth it out. It really works!

16. Dry your nails faster. Increase the speed that your nails dry at by letting them air dry for a bit first and then dipping nails into ice water.

17. If you’re not grossed out by getting a little messy, using pam spray can also help speed up nail drying. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

18. Cool, dry, and dark places are the best places to store nail polish. This is a great way to keep your polish fresher longer.

By following these tips for painting nails you will have better looking nails than what you imagined possible from a home manicure. Make sure to have patience and never skip any steps. Looking for shortcuts isn’t going to give you the results you want. Remember to have fun and choose your favorite colors!