5 Great Nail Polish Dryer Products

If gathering goods from your home to quicken the drying time of your polish isn’t appealing, we’ve found some great products that will do the job for you. There are several options available from nail polish dryer machines to drops. All of the drying methods are really inexpensive and work very well. Combining these products with some home drying may even result in even faster dry times. Whether you want a top coat or a quick and easy spray, there’s something on the list for you.



Belson Profiles Single Hand Nail Dryer
This nail dryer is incredibly inexpensive, but it’s really great. It’s the same type of dryer that’s used in many nail salons, and now you can have it to use in your own home. It comes with two temperature settings (warm or cool) that you can choose from depending on what works best for your particular polish. It can dry natural or acrylic nails. This dryer is tiny and lightweight, so it’s portable and easy to travel with, or you can place it on a table without it taking up too much room. Because of the small size, you’ll have to do one hand at a time. There are a couple of other cool things that make this particular dryer great. It has rubber feet so that when you place your hands on the comfortable hand rest, it won’t slide or move around.




OPI Mist On RapiDry
This dryer will help nail polish dry within minutes after spraying. All you do is spritz on 45 seconds after the final coat of polish has been applied. The formula is non-yellowing and it will help eliminate all of those annoying nail drying issues like smudges and smears. This will also leave your nails with a super shiny finish.




Essie Quick-E Drying Drops
These drops will accelerate drying time, protect nails, and add an extra shine. Just wait a minute before dropping onto your wet nails and then the drying process will only be seconds. The formula penetrates the polish and protects nails from unwanted smudges and scratches. You’ll still have to be a little careful the first couple of minutes after application, but you’ll be able to do basic things like eat and hold stuff without worrying. The smell of this stuff is a little strong, but it will go away once you wash your hands.




Orly Sec N Dry
Quick dry times come in polish form too. This is a deep drying top coat that will help your nails dry rock hard and shiny. It will dry almost instantly, setting in your nail polish. It won’t smear the polish when applying the way some top coats do when you’re not careful. Use this stuff instead of your usual top coats and it will combine two steps in one. Your top coat will be applied and your nails will be ready to go all at once. Sec N Dry also adds protection for nails long after they have dried.



DeMert Nail Enamel Dryer Manicure Finishing Spray
This spray is effective and super inexpensive. It contains organic protein and mink oil, so it’s good for your hands too. It speeds up the process of drying, while also conditioning the cuticles and nails. When using this product, you should still wait for about 10 minutes after spraying before you can do things with your hands risk free. Avoid this one if you’re looking for something that will dry your polish between coats. If you do that with this, it might make the polish sticky and difficult to work with.

There are lots of nail polish dryer options available and different methods to try out. The one you pick should be based on what works best with your personal manicure work flow. Certain products may work better with certain polishes, so having several on hand wouldn’t be such a bad idea either! Experimenting is always the best way to find your favorite techniques.