5 Unique Nail Polish Styles to Change Up Your Look

Nowadays, there are so many unique styles of polish available. You don’t have to be an artist to create spectacular designs. Funky colors are fun but there are even more possibilities to be explored. With a unique nail polish you can create different textures, effects, and intricate designs that you may never have been able to do otherwise. It’s great way to mix up your normal look. Here are some fun polishes to add funky flair to your manicure.


Ciate Cavier Manicure
With this cool polish, you’ll be able to create a unique beaded texture on your nails that will have people asking if you’ve dipped your fingers in candy. This is a beautiful polish to use for an accent nail, and with a bit of creativity, you could probably think of other uses for it as well. Ciate offers all kinds of interesting nail polish effects from studs to flowers, so if the beads aren’t your taste, there’s probably something else that will tickle your fancy.

Application of the beads is simple. Just sprinkle them onto the wet polish and allow them to dry. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to get long wear of this look, that won’t be easy. The beads come off quite easily so the manicure will only last for a short time. It would be best for special occasions.


Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish
Hologram nail polish will create a cool, metallic 3D effect on the nails. The Layla line of hologram polishes are considered the best available. When it catches sun, and other bright light, it looks phenomenal. It’s easy to apply and quick drying with no bubbles and cracks. Like so many effect polishes, the colors and effects look great but chipping and scratching happens easily, so not best for a day of vigorous activities.


OPI Liquid Sand Polish
OPI’s liquid sand line dries to a rough, matte finish that is visually interesting and feels pretty cool to touch. Despite the textured finish of this unique nail polish, it goes on smooth and it’s surprisingly easy to work with. Unfortunately, you can’t use a cool textured polish like this with a top coat, so it’s a lot more prone to chipping. Prep with a base to get the most wear from it.


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips
These stick on polishes will help you get tons of different unique designs and effects without painting your nails. The designs come in everything from lace to denim to intricate patterns. The greatest part of these strips is the lasting power. If done correctly, they should last for up to 10 days and it will come off with just nail polish remover. Since there’s no painting involved, there’s no waiting for your polish to dry. There’s a bit of a learning curve with the application process, but when it’s done properly, you’ll have a gorgeous, long lasting manicure.


China Glaze Crackle Collection
This polish creates an interesting, distressed crackle finish on your nails. The finished look is edgy and creative. Apply less for small cracks or use a thicker application for big cracks. This polish will work with any color underneath, so you can use it with stuff already in your collection. There’s also an added bonus of the entertainingness that comes from watching the polish crack after application.


OPI Matte Top Coat
Use this top coat over any polish to create a matte finish rather than the standard glossy that comes with all nail polishes. This is a better alternative to using matte colors since it can be used with polish you already own. You can get creative with how you use this sort of polish. Create fun designs by interchanging between glossy and matte nails, slice your nails in half with both matte and glossy, or go full on matte.