6 Tips for How to Dry Nail Polish Fast

One of the worst parts of any manicure is waiting for the polish to dry. You spend lots of time making sure everything looks great, and then you have to sit motionless for fear of any small movement ruining all of the work you put into your nail masterpiece. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to speed up the drying process and get on with your day. Here are a  couple of methods that will quicken the often painful process of drying nails.

1. Dip your hands in ice water. Prepare a bowl of water with ice cubes before starting the manicure, that way you have absolutely no way of ruining the polish before you even get a chance to dry it. Then dip the tips of your fingers in the water for about 2 to 3 minutes. It’s a painful but effective way to dry nail polish fast.

2. Use a hair dryer. Put the dryer on the lowest and coolest setting and try not to blow too close. This involves using one of your hands to hold it, so be extra careful not to make any mistakes with the non-dry hand.

3. Spray your fingers with cooking spray. It sounds ultra-gross but it really does work. this method is similar to using quick dry sprays for nails, except you probably already have this in your kitchen. Don’t spray too close to the hands and make sure to only use a small amount. You won’t need to completely saturate your hands. Since your nails will be dry after spraying, washing your hands afterward is totally okay.

4. Use less polish. Most of the time, some don’t even realize that they’re using more polish than necessary and then they wonder why it takes ages for their nails to dry. Applying thin layers will cut your dry time down considerably. If you have a little extra time, and for some reason, all the other methods are unavailable, the most natural way to help nail polish dry faster is to wait between coats. Apply a thin layer of polish, let it dry and then apply another thin layer. In the end you’ll have an overall shorter drying time than if you were to just goop it all on at once. You’ll all have a longer lasting manicure too.

5. Stick your hands in the freezer. As we learned from the ice water method, cold helps nails dry fast. Put your hands in the freezer for a few minutes and your manicure will come out rock hard. This isn’t as energy efficient as the other methods, but it’s a great idea for anyone in a rush to get going right away.

6. Spray with an air duster. Use the little bottled air canisters in a similar way to using cooking spray to dry nails. Too much pressure from the air may cause an unwanted polish disaster, so  make sure to hold the bottle far away from nails.

These may seem obvious to many nail painting pros, but for some, these tips can be a massive surprise time-saver. Try each method out and see which one works the best for you.