Are UV nail lamps safe to use?

A lot of people who are interested in using nail lamps to do gel manicures in their home might be a bit tentative about jumping in for fear of exposing themselves to higher risks of skin cancer. The good news is that it is highly unlikely to develop skin cancer from using UV nail lamps.

In the past, dermatologists were worried that putting the nails under the lamp could cause just as much damage as using a tanning bed. However a study conducted recently showed that getting skin cancer from a nail lamp was incredibly low risk, and that it would be highly unlikely even if the person were to use the lamp on a weekly basis for 250 years. Chances are, most of us aren’t going to be living for that long anyway (although you never know with the way technology is advancing these days!)

The study examined 3 different UV nail lamps that are commonly used at home and in salons. The lamps included one UV lamp with four 9 watt bulbs, a second UV lamp with one 9 watt bulb, and an LED lamp with six 1 watt LED lights.They measured the radiation from 10 minutes of lamp usage, which is much longer than most people use their nail lamps in one session. The study has caused many dermatologists to change the way they think about UV lamps and the risks that they can cause.

Despite this research, there are still some people who are more susceptible to developing skin cancer so it is important to protect your hands if you are concerned. It is recommended to cut the ends off of UV protective gloves and you can also use sunscreen to protect the skin on your hands. Even if you are not worried about skin cancer risks, it is still a very good idea to protect your hands from premature aging, and discolorations.

So don’t freak out the next time you stick your hands under a UV nail lamp. Take all the steps necessary to protect yourself and you’ll be good to go!