Best Nail Polish Colors By Skin Tone


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Sometimes, your favorite colors aren’t always the best nail polish colors for you. As much as it stinks, some colors just won’t look nice depending on what your skin complexion is. While you don’t have to let that get in the way, and anyone can wear whatever they like as long as they love it, here are some helpful hints on what colors will complement your complexion the best.

Before you can start choosing the best nail polish colors for you, you need to determine your skin complexion. Sure it’s easy enough to notice whether or not you are light, medium, or dark skinned, but can you tell if your skin is warm, cool, or neutral? To figure out what kind of undertones your skin has, look at at it in natural light. If you skin has pink, blue, or red undertones then your skin is cool. Skin tones that appear more golden or olive are warm.

You can also check your veins to determine this. If your veins are blue then your undertones are cool and if they are green then your undertones are warm. If after all of this, you still can’t determine what your skin tone is, then there’s a good chance that you have neutral undertones. Congratulations, you look good in almost anything. For the rest of us, we’ll need to do a little bit more work choosing.

The best nail polish colors for warm tones
One easy tip to remember for warm skin tones is to steer clear of cool nail colors. Warmer nail colors like corals, warm pinks, and colors with yellow undertones will look great on warm skin.

The best nail polish colors for cool tones

Cool skin tones look great with colors that have blue undertones. Go for reds that have more of a berry color to them and pink colors with hints of blue.

Pale skin complexions
People who have paler skin tones look great with pale nail polish. Pale skin complexions usually have cool undertones so pastel colors and cool shades with pink and blue undertones can look great with pale skin. Really dark colors don’t always look the best on pale skin colors. Unless you are going for more of a goth look, dark colors can be really overpowering on very pale skin.

Fair skin complexions
People who have fair skin can generally have warm or cool undertones. Red colors look great on people with fair skin, but be sure to choose one with blue undertones for cool skin and reds with yellow and orange undertones for warmer skin. Beige and white colors also look great on fair skin.

Tan skin complexions
Tanned skin can look really nice with lighter shades as a way to make the skin stand out more. Gold colors should be avoided because they have the tendency to blend too much with the color of the skin.

Medium and olive skin complexions
Medium and olive skin tones may have the widest varieties of colors to choose from. Medium skin tones look really great in darker colors like burgundy, but can also look great with more vibrant pinks and blues. Shimmery, metallic colors are also perfect on olive skin.

Dark skin complexions

Darker skin tones look best in darker polishes. It’s probably a good idea to avoid any nail polishes that are too pale as they can wash the skin color out. Deep purples, blues and greens can look amazing on darker skin complexions, whereas anything extra neon may pop a bit too much.

In the end, what matters the most is picking a color you love. Pick your favorite color, or pick the best nail polish colors to complement your skin complexion, whichever makes you the most happy!