Creative Nail UV Nail Lamp 110 Volt

Creative Nail UV Lamp 110 Volt

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This CND UV lamp is created to perfectly cure a beautiful, salon style manicure. The UV nail lamp is perfect for both shellac and gel nail manicures. The nail lamp comes with 4 9-watt bulbs which will deliver 36 watts to the nails.T his is a small UV nail lamp which is perfect for a five finger cure or a pedicure. It has a long 7 foot cord and a handle, making it easy to transport wherever you may need to bring it.

Nail lamp features and specifications
-Good for both shellac and gelish cures
-Delivers 36 watts of evenly distributed cure

Nail lamp reviews
Owners of the CND UV lamp love the convenience of being able to do their own manicures at home. The UV nail lamp may be pricey, but it is perfect for getting the best cure for your gel or shellac nails without leaving your house. The initial investment of getting the lamp and all of the supplies to go with it can be very expensive, but the amount of money that is saved from not going to the salon anymore makes it a great investment for anyone who enjoys having beautiful nails every day.

Some owners of the lamp have noticed that this nail lamp is the same as the one used in many salons. It’s easy to use even for those who are not super great at doing their own nails. With some practice, you will have your own salon nails and all of your friends will wonder where you got your nails done! Then you can laugh at their shocked faces when you tell them you did it yourself!

The UV nail lamp is also small enough that it can be stored out of sight and won’t take away from the decor of the room you keep it in.

Some customers complained that the lid of the lamp was difficult to open. One customer was worried that she would break the lamp trying to open the lid, but she still loves it. Some have also complained that it was very difficult to figure out how to install the bulbs.

One customer said they had initially decided to go with a nail lamp that was much cheaper. After having difficulty getting their nails to cure properly with that one, they decided to spend a bit more money to get the CND UV lamp and found that it worked much better and their nails were finally lasting for several weeks. The 4 programmable times are great if you have different nail polishes that need to be cured at different times.