Essential nail care products: everything that you need to have in your manicure bag

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There are certain tools and products that every nail lover should have to keep their nails strong an beautiful. With all of the essentials you’ll have great looking nails every single day. Here are a few of our favorites.

A good nail file
A good nail file is essential to keep your nails beautiful. In many cases, some people who find that their nails are splitting a lot later realize it is because they are using the wrong kind of nail file. Glass nail files are highly recommended because you are forced to file in only one direction which will prevent nail damage. these are highly recommended because they will never waste or wear down.

Round cuticle pusher
Having a cuticle pusher is essential for tending to what if often the most neglected part of finger nail maintenance. Rounded cuticle pushers will push your cuticles without scraping or causing any sort of damage to your nail bed.

Cuticle oil
Cuticle oils will help you to nourish your nails and restore moisture to your fingers. Even just a small amount of this great little product will help to add a brightness to your nails. Cuticle oil can be applied to add a bit of gloss to your dull nails before going out or you can apply it before you go to bed.

Glossing Buffer
Buffers will help to promote nail growth and also smooth our your nails. Buffing also helps your polish stick better to your nails.

Invest in a good base coat
Applying a base coat before you paint your nails will help protect your nails from any damage. Adding a base coat will also help prevent nail polish staining. Skipping a base coat may also cause your nail polish to chip sooner than you’d like it to.

Cuticle Nipper
This is an important tool to have in your nail bag but make sure that you use it carefully. Don’t over trim your cuticles as that can be damaging to your fingers, but using a cuticle nipper is a great way to eliminate annoying hangnails.