Essie Gel Nail Polish

Essie Gel Nail Polish

This month Essie released their very own gel nail system with a professional LED nail lamp and 36 shades of colors, formulated to match some of their most popular polishes.

The cool thing about these polishes is that Essie is claiming their line will be more healthy for nails than other gel products. The polishes contain keratin, which will provide nails with strength and hydration, leaving them in great condition when the polish is removed. A manicure done with Essie gel polish will last up to 14 days.

Essie has even put together an entire process to make sure you get the best manicure possible. Use their nail cleanser and lint free nail pads to remove dirt and oil from the nails and under the nails. Apply the gel base coat and cure and then apply the color and cure. You can even use the nail pads to remove residue after you have cured your nails.

essie led nail lamp

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While this gel system is intended for use in a salon, you can easily find the lamp and all of the polish colors available online. With a some practice and a bit of an investment, you can purchase their high quality lamp and polishes for use at home. Purchase of the lamp won’t be necessary if you already have an LED lamp of your own, so you can just go ahead and enjoy their beautiful selection of nail polish colors

Overall this looks like a great gel nail system for people who want the best of a gel manicure, and the beautiful colors that Essie provides.


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