Favorite Essie Colors

Essie is a great nail polish. The selection of essie colors is huge and their collection of soft colors and neutrals is unmatched by any other nail polish brand. However, one of the downsides of having a great selection of nail polishes is that it becomes difficult to narrow them down to just the colors that you want. Eventually, after staring at all of the colors for so long, you may find yourself unable to tell any of the reds apart. But we’ll make the job a bit easier for you. Here are our favorite essie colors.

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size_matters first_dance hip_anema rose_bowl
Size Matters  First Dance  Hip-Anema Rose Bowl


knockout_pout miami_nice need_a_vacation guilty_pleasures
Knockout Pout Miami Nice Need a Vacation Guilty Pleasures


summer2013_full-steam-ahead dj_play_that_song sexy_divide nice_is_nice
Full Steam Ahead DJ Play That Song Sexy Divide Nice is Nice


aruba_blue bouncer_its_me in_the_cab_ana summer2013_rock-the-boat
Aruba Blue Bouncer It’s Me! In the Cab-Ana Rock the Boat


shake_your_$$_maker summer2013_naughty-nautical first_timer summer2013_the-more-the-merrier
Shake Your Money
Naughty Nautical First Timer The More the Merrier