Gel Nails at Home – Everything You Need

Gel nails are amazing because they are long lasting, and less likely to get damaged as you go about your day to day business. However, you may find that you want to do your gel nails at home, as it can be really expensive to go to the salon every time you need a new manicure.

The good thing is that it’s perfectly easy to do. While it’s not difficult, getting started for the first time can seem daunting. There are a few things that you’ll need before you get started, and searching the web for information can make it seem even more complicated than it really is. So we’ve compiled a list of all the things you’ll need to get things done at home. We hope this makes your nail care life a little bit easier!

The most important thing that you’re going to need is a nail lamp. You can either get an LED nail lamp, or a UV nail lamp. The choice of which you should use is really up to you. For a bit more information on whether you should go UV or LED check out this article. For more information on the safety of nail lamps check out this article. Besides the nail polish you pick, this is the most important thing you’ll need to have as it is what will cure the polish and ensure you have a manicure that will last for about two weeks. Here are some of our favorites:

The Thermal Spa Professional Gel Light Nail Dryer

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The Epica Double Wide Nail Dryer

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USpicy LED Nail Polish Dryer

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When picking your lamp model, make sure to go for quality rather than getting the least expensive one that you can find. If you don’t invest, you may find yourself with nails that are not curing completely. A good nail lamp will be worth the money and it will last a long time. For some more lamp suggestion click here.

If you are concerned about the potential health risk you can also buy UV protector hand gloves which will keep your hands away from contact of the UV light.

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You’ll also need to decide which gel polish line you’d like to go with. It’s a good idea to go with one that has a lot of colors that appeal to your personal style, and also make sure you go with a gel polish line that goes with the nail lamp you have purchased.

CND Shellac is one of the most popular brands and comes in tons of great, vibrant colors that will last for weeks.


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Don’t forget that you will need a top coat and a base coat in order for your polish to cure properly

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OPI offers many of their popular colors as gel polishes


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With all of the items listed above and the right amount of practice, you will be doing your own perfect gel nails.