How to remove gel nail polish

Beautiful photo from love maegan

If you have correctly given yourself a gel manicure then it should last up to two weeks long. Because of this, your nails will begin to grow out and you are going to want to remove the polish and give yourself a new manicure. As fun as it is to peel nail polish off, never under any circumstances do this because it will damage your nails. Removing the gel nail polish in this way will often peel the top layer off of your nail and leave them damaged and brittle.

Here is a guide to help you remove gel nail polish without ruining your nails. This is a great alternative to soaking your nails in a bowl of acetone for several decades.

Supplies needed
-A coarse nail file
-Aluminum foil that has been cut into strips
-Gelish soak off nail remover or acetone nail polish remover
-Cuticle pusher
-Buffing block
-Hand moisturizer

1.First, use the nail file to make the surface of your nails rough. This will help remove the topcoat and allow the nail polish remover to work on the polish underneath.
2.Soak a cotton ball in the nail polish remover and place it on a fingernail. Use the foil to wrap around the nail and hold it in place.
3.Do this for all the nails that you wish to remove the gel nail polish from and wait 10 to 15 minutes. You’re going to look incredibly silly, but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it to not ruin your nails!
4.After 15 minutes, remove the foil from one of the nails and see if the gel polish is starting to come loose. If so, you can scrape the polish off using the cuticle pusher. Remember to be gentle! You don’t want to harm your nails! If the gel polish is really loose then you should even be able to remove it simply using your hands.
5.Use the buffer and moisturizer to finish off your nails and give your hands a little love after having the acetone on for so long.