LED nail lamps VS UV nail lamps

From the Gelish LED lamp to the CND UV nail lamp, it’s already hard enough choosing which nail lamp to go with without worrying about whether or not you should pick LED or UV. Both UV and LED lamps are great products, but there are some factors that set the two apart that you may want to know about before you make your final decision.

UV lamps are incredible. There are several things, however, that may shift your decision toward lamps with LED lights instead. If you’re always in a hurry, and the speed that you can do your manicure at is a big concern for you, then LED nail lamps are the way to go. LED lamps will cure your gel manicure in over half the time that it takes to cure with a UV lamp.

LED lamps will also last much longer than any UV lamp will. Most UV lamps have a life of about 1000 hours. While the lamp itself will not die, the bulbs will need to be replaced. This could be an ongoing expense depending on how often you choose to use your lamp.  On the other hand, LED nail lamps should last for up to 50,000 hours. Unless you are a nail technician, you would probably never reach that amount of usage. Investing in an LED lamp means never having to worry about replacing the bulbs. By the time your lamp stops working, there will probably already be some new kind of technology to use!

While it has essentially been proven that UV lamps will cause minimal to no damage on your skin, if you are still concerned, then go for an LED lamp. LED nail lamps do not use UV light so any damage that UV light may cause will never be a concern. No premature aging, no spots, no tanned hands while the rest of you stays the same color. Many studies say that UV lamps will not cause these issues either, but for those that have a bit of paranoia about what is true, and what is not, stick with the LED lights.

LED lamps are great but like anything, there are some downsides. The first is the price. a good LED lamp will usually cost more money than a UV lamp. The investment may be worth it if the upsides of the produce seem like everything you are looking for. Another problem is that LED lamps may not cure all kinds of gel nail polishes. If there is a particular brand that you are already faithful to, then you should check and make sure that the polish is compatible with LED lamps before you buy a lamp. Always do your research first.

If money is no option, go for an LED lamp for the speediness of the cure, the long life, and lack of UV light. Our recommendation is the Gelish LED lamp