MelodySusie Gelish LED Lamp



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This LED lamp is perfect for gelish gel nail polish. It can cure polish for a manicure that will last up to three weeks. This lamp uses LED lights, which means it is great for the environment and it saves energy. This gelish LED lamp will last for over 5 years because of the long life of LED lights. Unlike some other nail lamps, this one does not produce heat so you will not end up with a ridiculous tan on only your hands and premature aging and wrinkling of the skin on your hands will not be a problem. The crescent shape of the lamp allows you to cure your thumb along with all your other fingers in seconds.

Nail lamp features and specifications

-LED light life of 35,000-45,000 hours
-Cure nails in seconds, 10s, 20s, and 30s settings
-Light automatically turns on when hand is placed in
-Eco and energy friendly

Nail lamp reviews

Customer’s of this Gelish LED lamp are happy with the product. They have had no problems with getting their manicures to cure within seconds. Many who use this particular lamp enjoy it more than the UV lamp alternatives because the LED lights cure the polish much more quickly. One customer said that it cured her polish in less than half the time it would take with her UV lamp.

Some customers enjoy using this LED lamp with OPI Gel color polishes. If you’ve been eyeing these polishes in your local beauty store, then this could be a great lamp to invest in to use them. An investment in a nail lamp such as this one will help save cash on a trip to the salon. Save your money for a date night instead!

Some customers reported having problems properly curing their nails using the lamp. One customer said that they had issues curing thumb nails, and the polish that was applied would peel right off. For the most part, most do not seem to be having this particular issue. If issues arise with using curing your gel polish, then it may be a problem with the polish itself rather than the nail lamp.

If you are looking for a nail lamp that is cheaper than some of the others offered on the market then this is a great one to go for. It will to everything that you need a lamp to do for you in a matter of seconds and the fact that it will last for so long is definitely an added bonus. The purple color is also a super fun alternative to the boring greys and whites that this gelish led lamps usually come in.