Nail Harmony Gelish LED Nail Lamp

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The Nail Harmony Gelish LED lamp can cure 5 fingers in 5 seconds! This LED nail lamp is designed for fast, efficient gel curing leaving you with incredibly smooth and level dry gel nails. This amazing nail lamp is guaranteed to last for years and give you nails as beautiful as ones you would get at the salon. The LED lights dry nails infinitely faster than UV lamps, and unlike UV lamps the bulbs will never need replacing.

Nail lamp features and specification
-Has a preset LED timer with countdown display
-Preset cure times for 5, 20, and 30 seconds
-Resistant to acetone

Nail lamp reviews
Owners of the Gelish LED lamp love it. Everyone who owns it thinks that it was well worth the investment especially when you consider the amount of money that you could spend in a salon and the amount of time that this LED nail lamp will last.

The  Gelish LED lamp is very compact but it is big enough to fit your hand or your foot. It provides amazing salon quality manicures that last for weeks. One of the best parts of this nail lamp is how quickly it cures gel nail polish. Dark colors cure in 30 seconds and lighter colors take even less time to cure. Unlike other nail lamps this one will not damage your hands with harmful UV light

The bottom of this Gelish LED lamp is magnetic so it can be removed so that it can be cleaned. The removable piece also means that you can put your foot in and give yourself a great gel pedicure. The LED nail lamp also has an adjustable cover which shields your eyes from being burned by the bright lights. There are LEDs placed on the side of the lamp as well making it simple to cure your thumb nails. Many people like to cure their thumbs seperately, but that is not necessary with this particular lamp.

The only downside of this nail lamp is that there is no on and off switch. In order for it to be turned on the lamp must be plugged in, and then the plug removed for it to shut off.

The Nail Harmony Gelish LED Lamp may seem pricey, but it’s worth it if you’re the sort of person who enjoys having professional looking nails all year round. This lamp is also a great choice for salons looking to upgrade their tech.