Nail Polish Storage Ideas: Find the Nail Polish Holder for You

Nail polish addiction can get out of control. Nail polish lovers buy bottles and bottles of amazing colors, and before we know it, we suddenly have dozens and no place to put them. Finding the perfect nail polish holder is something that every polish aficionado will have to do at some point.

Having tons of nail polish scattered around recklessly can be plain confusing. Nail polish storage will help keep your collection and your house neat. You’ll be able to find all the things you’re looking for easily, and even organize everything by colors, brand, and personal favorites. Here are some ideas for displaying your collection with pride.

Nail Polish Storage Ideas


Trays are a great way to keep everything on display in a visually appealing way.


Our Pick: Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer
This tray is a great way to stack your polishes and other assorted cosmetics and accessories. The little compartments are perfect for holding anything that you need easy access to. This tray is super good looking, so it’s the perfect piece to place on a counter for all of your most used make up items. It’s made from clear acrylic and it’s really easy to clean, which is a bonus when it comes to stuff that has the tendency to drip.

Spice racks

Spice racks  are designed to hold plenty of small bottles and items. That makes them the  perfect place to display your polish and keep it organized.


Our Pick: Spectrum Countertop Spice Rack
This rack is simple, functional, and perfect for a smaller nail polish collection. Like a tray, a well design spice rack is perfect for keeping on display rather than locking away. This particular rack is small enough to fit on shelves and tabletops, but it can also be put away in a cabinet. It’s made from stainless steel, and mounting hardware is included, so it can be used on the wall as well.

Hanging shoe racks and jewelry holders

Hanging organizers are the best way to store a large collection of polish. You can color code everything and hang it on any door. If this is the sort of storage you need for your collection, you may have an addiction problem. But these are the kinds of problems we approve and encourage.


Our choice: Baggallini Luggage Hanging Cosmetic Bag
This hanging bag is super cute and comes in seven fun colors. The pockets zip closed, so it can be used for traveling. The material is lightweight, water-resistant nylon, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged or leaking out onto your things. It’s the best way to store and transport your nail polish. The bottom pocket of the bag is detachable and an extra back compartment is included. A hook is also included for hanging on doors and rods.

Drawer dividers

Plenty of drawer space? Use dividers in an empty drawer to keep everything neat and tidy.


Miu Drawer Dividers
Each of these sets comes with 4 separate dividers. Use them to in your drawers to create compartments ideal for organizing your polish by color, brand, or whatever your own organizational compulsion may be. The fabric these things are made from is soft yet durable. They’re also moth proof and moisture proof.

Even More Storage Ideas

Nail Polish Wall Rack
This wall rack was built for a massive polish collection. It can hold up to 102 bottles of any different size. It’s made from attractive, clear acrylic, so everything will look beautiful on display.





Snapware Snap N Stack Portable Organizer
This is a great little box organizer for people who want to store their collection away and out of sight. The handle makes it great for toting around, and the stackable tray design will give you easy access to everything. All of the sections in the box are deep enough that the polish can stand up right, in an organized manner, rather than in a jumbled mess.



Nail Polish Table Rack
This is a cute counter display rack that can hold up to 60 bottles of polish. It’s made from clear acrylic and there are 5 rows. The rows are wide enough to accommodate bottles of all different shapes. Pay attention to the different sellers offering this item as some customers have complained that theirs arrived broken.

So stop being messy and make your life easier with a nail polish holder. Any of these will be the perfect solution for an out of control polish collection. Pick the one that fits your collection size, and storage preferences and manage your polishes with pride.