The Best Drugstore Nail Polish


While I’m sure a lot of us would love to spend all of our money on Deborah Lippmann and Chanel polishes, that would be a massive investment, and unless one of your hobbies is rolling in piles of your endless money, it’s not very realistic. Fortunately, for those of us who want to save a bit of cash from time to time, there are plenty of great drugstore brand nail polishes that you can pick up for under $10 each. If you’re the type of person who wants to switch up your color all the time, and therefore need tons of polishes on hand, or if you’re just looking to grow your collection with some good stuff, here are some of the best drugstore nail polish brands.


Sinful Colors
Sinful colors have been called the OPI and China Glaze of drugstore nail polish. Their color selection is incredible, and I don’t think there’s another brand this cheap with a comparable variety. You’ll be able to find shimmers, glitters, creams and neons. If you want it, there’s a good chance you’ll find it from Sinful Colors. At about $2 a bottle, you can’t go wrong with these.

The formula for these polishes is pretty good. It dries really quickly and you should be good to go in about 15 minutes, even faster if you use a quick dry top coat. The wear time is really good too. Some have complained that some of the colors don’t show up very glossy, but this can easily be fixed with a nice top coat. >>Buy it here<<


Wet N’ Wild Megalast
The $2 Megalast line from Wet N’ Wild is one of my personal favorites. They’ve been rolling out new colors all the time, so their selection is getting larger and larger. If you’re lucky to find a drugstore that has a whole shelf of these, you’ll find all your favorite colors.

The brush that comes with this polish is phenomenal. It’s nice and wide, and that makes it so easy to cover your nails quickly. The formula is nice. It’s not too thick or too thin and runny. Between a base coat and a top coat, you’re going to get about 5 days of wear out of these. >>Buy it here<<


L.A. Colors Color Craze
Don’t be too quick to laugh at L.A. Colors. Their Color Craze line is actually not that bad at all! You can pick these up between $1-$2. They have a nice selection of colors. I really love some of their gorgeous glitters and shimmers.

The polish is kind of sheer on the first coat, but after a second coat it’ll look true to the color you see in the bottle. The shine on these is really good even without a top coat. With a base and a top coat you should get about 3 days of wear out of these. That’s not phenomenal, but you just spent $1 on a nail polish. What are you complaining about? >>Buy it here<<


Sally Hansen Triple Shine
$5 dollars will pick you up some very gorgeous colors from the Sally Hansen Triple Shine line. These nail polishes are ultra glossy and when you pair them with the triple shine top coat, they will be even glossier. The brush is ultra thick, similar to the brush used with the Megalast polishes.

You’re going to have to have a bit of patience when you’re using this polish though, because the dry time is a little on the slow side. That’s not problem if you have some drying drops or a quick dry top coat nearby.

In general, Sally Hansen has so many great polishes to choose from in the drugstore. The prices will vary depending on the line you go for, but I know there are some that go for as low as $1. >>Buy it here<<


Maybelline Color Show
Maybelline Color Show is a quick drying line of polishes that you can pick up for $4 each. Their color selection is very beautiful and the coverage you get is really good. You’ll be good to go after 1-2 coats depending on the color. The wear time is decent as well, at around 4 days without a base coat.

There was a really cute Polka Dot edition of these polishes released last year. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find those in stores anymore, but you can find them in stock from some Amazon sellers. Grab them while you can. >>Buy it here<<


Revlon Nail Enamel
Revlon’s Nail Enamel polishes are great quality at the low price of $5 dollars a bottle. This polish will last for 5 days without any chipping and just some minor tip wear. The formula can be kind of thin for some of the colors, but it’s still pretty easy to work with, and it goes on smoothly. All of the colors pop with a high shine. The darker colors won’t leave any stains behind. >>Buy it here<<


Brucci Nail Hardener
I’m not entirely sure why you don’t hear more about Brucci polishes. This brand has been around for ages, they’re really inexpensive (under $3) and they have a massive selection of colors. In addition to all of this, these things are rock hard. Once dry, they strengthen your nails and getting a chip is damn near impossible. If you see these around, I would certainly suggest getting a bottle and trying it out for yourself.

One thing I have personally noticed with some of the Brucci polishes I’ve purchased is that they do tend to get a little clumpy over time. I’ve also observed this with some of my other drugstore nail polish, so I’m not too concerned about it. >>Buy it here<<