The best nail polish brands

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When it comes to nail polish, it’s important to find the best nail polish brands that work for you and one that you love. You want to find something that has a wide range of colors that really suit your personal style and make your eyes pop out of your head with excitement. Here are some of our favorite nail polish brands.

No list would be complete without OPI nail polish. They are hands down, considered to be one of the best nail polish brands on the market today. OPI is constantly releasing new collections of colors, and they are always incredibly beautiful. It’s impossible not to find a color you don’t like in OPIs wide selection. OPI polish is long lasting, often going without chips for over a week. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want to do a gel nail polish manicure.The dark colors go on even and their sheer colors don’t leave annoying streaks on your nails. all of the polishes come with great big brushes making the polish super easy to apply.

best nail polish brands

The OPI top ten set is a great starter kit. If you’ve never tried OPI (or you’re already a fan!) this kit comes with ten of the most popular colors from the brand to get you started. Click here to purchase

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Essie is a brand of polish with a beautiful color range. They are especially great if you are looking for light colors, creamy shades, and nudes. Essie also has an amazing base coat called the Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat. This base coat will smooth out your nails, eliminate discoloration and make your nail polish last for longer.

best nail polish brandsThis Essie Spring color collection is a great starter kit. It comes with six fun and funky colors that are great for the warmer season (or whenever you feel like it!) Click here to purchase.

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Red Carpet Manicure
This is one of the best nail polish brands for gel nail polishes. Using this polish will leave you chip free for up to 14 days, which is amazing if you are far too busy to paint your nails on a regular basis. You can get the entire system for 60 dollars. It includes the LED lamp for curing the polish, the base coat, the gel polish, the top coat, and even gel polish remover. That’s a great deal for all of the things you get with it, and it’s great if you’re just starting out with gel nail manicures. You can get any additional colors for 10 bucks!

best nail polish brands

The Red Carpet Manicure Pro kit comes with everything you need to get started with using gel nail polish, including the lamp. For the price, it’s definitely a steal. Click here to buy it.

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RGB Nail Color
This is one of the best nail polish brands if you are looking for a chemical free nail polish. This brand doesn’t use formaldehyde and DBT which are ingredients that are typically used in polish to make it last longer. Despite not using these chemicals, RGB nail polish will still last for up to a week. This is a great brand to go to if you’re looking for something a bit more natural.

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