The Best Nail Polish Strips

Nail strips are the ultimate way for people who aren’t artistic, or maybe just too lazy, to experience the fun of beautiful nail art. Nail strips can make the process of doing your nails faster and easier, and provide you with something that is longer lasting than your average paint job. That is, once you’ve managed to master your first shot at putting them on. For people who don’t really enjoy the process of painting their nails (although you probably wouldn’t be here if you felt that way) these things are a godsend. Here are some fo the best nail polish strips available right now.

The best nail stickers


Incoco Nail Polish Appliques
Incoco’s entire brand is based around nail strip products. These are easily the best nail strips available if you’re looking for a large variety of different styles and designs. You can find them in plain shades, fun prints, and even french manicure styles.

Each strip contains a base coat, polish, and top coat. Applying them is very easy. After you’ve sized up your fingers, remove the strip from the plastic and place them on to your fingers. The strip material is stretchable, so it’s easy to shape them to fit your nails. After they’ve been placed, you just have to file everything into shape. Your manicure should then last you for up to 14 days, but depending on what you do with your hands, it could be more like a week.

incoco has polish strips specifically for doing pedicures as well. If you happen to love keeping your nails short, you may even be able to get up to two manicures out of your set by cutting the strips. Get creative and don’t let anything go to waste! >>Buy them here<<


Sally Hansen Nail Effects
Sally Hansen comes through once again with an amazing variety of well designed real nail polish strips. Some of the designs available are really intricate, and you’d be hard pressed to ever duplicate something similar on your own. The strips are polish based, so they contain base coat, and top coat, helping them last up to ten days. Because they’re nail polish based, they look more like true nail polish on your fingers. These are probably my favorite in terms of overall appearance on the nails. When you’re ready to take them off, you can just remove them with nail polish remover.

Like the Incoco strips, applying them is a breeze. Peel them off, fit each one to your nails, and file off all the extra. The directions that come in the box are so thorough that you definitely won’t be able to mess it up.

After you’ve put them on, it’s a good idea to wait a few hours before you do anything that involves water. Water can cause them to begin to pop or peel off before they’ve properly set, and you’re not going to get the wear that you want. Once you have made it past the first few hours, you may even be able to get even more than 10 days of wear out of them. The only problem I can think of would be the nail growth that occurs near the cuticle. The staying power is, overall, very good. You’ll have a hard time making them peel, even when doing house work. It’s great for those with very active hands. >>Buy them here<<

Other great nail polish stickers


Kiss Nail Dress Strips
Kiss Nail Dress Strips come in a ton of designs and they even have a variety of gel nail polish strips. The manicure should last for 10 days. Each pack includes 28 strips, so there’s enough in there to do a couple of manicures. These are a bit different than the polish based strips because they are removed by peeling them off, rather than with nail polish remover. If you love to peel off your nail polish at the end of each manicure, then you’ll love these. You do, however, have to be careful, since some users have reported that removing them caused bits of nail to peel off as well. Being gentle is extra important. The downside of this press on nail polish is that they are a lot more thick and plasticy than the other brands of nail strips available. If you look very closely at them, you’ll be able to tell that you’re wearing a sticker on your nails rather than nail polish. >>Buy them here<<



Essie Sleek Sticks
Essie’s designer nail stickers come in sophisticated, classy styles, so if you’re more into glam than funky, these will be a good fit for your taste. These gel nail stickers have been UV cured, promising a long lasting manicure, however, most users have reported not being able to get further than 4 days of wear out of them. They’re a bit expensive, so while these are gorgeous, they may be best left for special occasions, or used as accents.

The nail stickers come in nine different sizes, so it’s pretty easy finding a size that fits well. In addition to the strips, each set comes with all the tools you’ll need to complete the manicure, as well as instructions to walk you through the process. Like the Kiss nail appliques, these have a more stickery feel to them. They’re pretty thick, so you’ll have to be careful when you file them down to avoid getting a ragged look. >>Buy them here<<



NCLA Nail Wraps
This is another sticker brand with a huge variety of funky, fun designs. Each set comes with a lot of wraps. You get 2 sheets and each sheet has 22 wraps on it. That’s 44 stickers in total. These are nail polish based stickers that include a base coat and a top coat. They’re really nice to work with and easy to remove and try again if you happen to mess up. Since these are polish based, they’re best removed with nail polish remover, as opposed to peeling off. Soak them in acetone for a little while to loosen everything up. Then you can use an orange stick to gently peel them off without causing damage. >>Buy them here<<



Scratch Nail Wraps
Scratch is a unique company that is based on the idea that nail wraps and stickers are cool, but better designs are needed. To conquer this problem, they feature different artists who have designed cool sets up nail strips. You can buy strips from the featured artist, or you can sign up for their monthly mani box. The mani box is sent out once a month, and in it you receive 3 nail wrap sets designed by the featured artist, tools, and a surprise gift.

As for the strips themselves, they’re thin and pliable, making them easy to shape onto the nails, and peel off and reposition if you mess up. You should be able to get a week of wear out of them when used with a good top coat. If you sign up for the mani box, the starter box will include a bottle of Seche Vite top coat, so you’re good to go.



OMG Nail Strips
OMG has 40 different nail designs you can choose from that last for 10 days without lifting. They also have some pretty cool looking metallic nail foils as well. If you’re really stumped about applying nail polish stickers, they have a video that will show you how to correctly do it.

These nail stickers are pliable and stretchy. If you mess up, you can remove them and adjust them until you get it right. They also won’t chip like regular nail polish, you’ll only end up with a bit of tip wear after a couple of days. To remove them, use some nail polish remover, rather than peeling the sticker off.

The only downside for these is that they’re a little large, so if you have big nails, great! But for most people, you may have to get a little creative when adjusting the sizes. Otherwise, the application is very simple, and they look great once you’ve managed to fit them to your nails.

Overall, all of these stickers are a good choice for a lovely manicure. You can just choose which one to try based on your favorite designs and whether you like a polish based sticker or an actual sticker sticker. It can be really difficult to find cheap nail polish strips. If the price tag has been keeping you away from these, because let’s face it, $10 for a one time design can be a bit much for some of us, you can make your pack of nail strips last longer by using them to create accent nails and mix up your regular manicure.