The Perfect Manicure Set for Men

Grooming and self care aren’t just for women. A man with a manicure will look like someone who takes care of himself. He’ll look more put together and polished. A great manicure doesn’t take great skill. All you need is a high quality set with all the essential tools. The following sets include everything necessary for the perfect “man”inure. They’re great for any guy who wants to look good, and for the ladies reading this, they’re a great gift for the men in your life.


The Groomster Manicure Set
This is a tasteful set that includes all the important tools needed for a good, basic manicure. You’ll get clippers, a file, scissors, a cuticle pusher, tweezers and an ear spoon. All of it is put together in a nice leather case that zips shut. The tools in the set are high quality and well made. The included nail clipper is larger and stronger than most. It’s perfect for bigger hands and rougher nails. The entire set is very small and easy to travel with. It’s no bigger than a deck of cards.


3 Swords Manicure and Pedicure Kit
This set includes a nail clipper, tweezers, hoofstick, nail file and a nail pusher. All the tools are made from nickel plated steel and can be stored away in the case made from sturdy, artificial (but high-quality) leather.  All of the tools really cut and file the way they should. You won’t end up with anything dull and useless. This particular set is small, but there is also a larger version available. The small one, however, is just as good and it’s all you should really need.


Danielle Enterprises Deluxe Manicure Set For Men
This set comes in a beautiful brown wallet to keep everything in place. It includes 3 different sized clippers, nail scissors, tweezers, nail file, cuticle pusher, and more. All of the tools are high quality and sharp. The small size makes this another great set for travel or storing anywhere without hassle. The only down side is that the set doesn’t come with anything that will help to identify each tool. If you aren’t familiar with the functions of each item, you may need to do detective work to figure out what everything is.


Tweezerman Deluxe Grooming Kit
This grooming kit comes in a simple yet sturdy storage case. It includes a tweezerette, stainless steel nail clippers, facial hair scissors and a nail file. All of the tools included are very small and may not be the best for men with larger hands. While the case that it comes in looks decent, the tools fall out easily. This isn’t the most high quality of all the kits on the list, but it’s a simple solution for those who just want to do some quick clipping and filing.


Three Seven Travel Grooming Kit
This it the most expensive, but without a doubt, highest quality set on the list. It includes 11 pieces: a nail clipper, toenail clipper, cuticle trimmer, beauty scissors, tweezers, file, safety scissors, push stick, v-shaped push stick, and an ear pick. The entire set is small, sleek and attractive. All of the tools are held securely in place within the case, so they won’t go slipping and sliding around. The assortment of tools in this is great. They’re perfect for every aspect of grooming, not just manicures. The metal feels sturdy and the tools that should be sharp are sharp, and that’s the most important thing with any set.

Tips for the Perfect Manicure for Men
A manicure for men isn’t any different than manicures for women, yet there are many men still put off by the entire concept. A manicure for a man doesn’t mean polish and color but it does mean keeping the nails clean and clipped. Here are some quick tips to keep your fingers perfect.

  • Keep your nails short and round shaped. Make sure the edges of your nails aren’t sharp so they don’t get caught and break/tear.
  • Always file in one direction to prevent jagged edges.
  • Use a buffer to smooth nails and provide a polished finish without the actual polish itself. Just make sure not to buff too much, as it can thin out the nails. Only do this once every two or so weeks.
  • Push back cuticles and moisturize them.
  • Finish the whole thing off with some lotion for soft hands.

That’s really all there is to it. Keeping nails nice is really easy. It’s a quick thing that can greatly improve anyone’s look, and being lazy isn’t an excuse since it’s so simple. This is personal care that everyone should be doing no matter who you are.