USpicy CRESCENT nail lamp

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The USpicy crescent LED nail lamp is an environmentally friendly lamp with LED lights that don’t generate anything that could be harmful to the body. This lamp is more energy saving than other lamps because LED lights consume less power than others. The lamp also does not produce any heat so it will not harm your hands. This lamp has great portability and longevity, the LED lights are difficult to damage and they can also last much longer than other lights, sometimes even over 5 years. At the end of the day you will save more money because of how long this lamp will last. The USpicy Crescent nail lamp also has a digital timer which will track the remaining time left on your cure.

Nail lamp features and specifications
-Nail lamp is 18 watts
-Has a built in infrared censor which automatically turns on when a hand is put into it
-Has automatic timer controls
-Comes with a free nail sanding file

Nail lamp reviews
The reviews for this lamp are very positive. Those who own this LED nail lamp love that it cures nails very quickly. The LED lights cure nail polish much faster than UV lamps.

One customer loved that that they could use this LED nail lamp to do manicures which protect their nails from breaking and damage. This allowed them to grow out their nails longer than they were ever able to. Like most nail lamps, this lamp will save you the money of going to the salon every day. It will also save the amount of time that you would spend traveling to the salon and sitting there having your nails done.

Many customers are love that the LED nail lamp turns on automatically when you put your nails in. This of course is a bonus because you won’t accidentally ruin your manicure by smashing your finger against something accidentally.