Vogue Professional UV Nail Lamp

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The Vogue professional UV lamp nail dryer can dry and cure shellac, axium, and regular gels just like a professional manicure at a salon. It’s the perfect item for a perfect gel manicure at home. The UV nail lamp is also perfect for use in beauty salons, nail studios, and nail shops. This lamp is a great value for a high end nail product.

Nail lamp features and specifications
-36 watt UV lamp
-Has a programmable digital LED for precise control
-Compatible with hybrid gels

Nail lamp reviews
This is a great little UV nail lamp that has a fan option. The nail lamp can be used with just the lamp on, with just the fan on, or you can do a combination of both the lamp and the fan together. The biggest complaint about this nail lamp is that it doesn’t seem as though the included fan does anything beside make a noise. However all the rest of the reviews on it are largely positive.

One feature that owners love is the sensor which turns the nail lamp on when you put your hand inside. This is a great feature because you won’t accidentally ruin your nails when pressing any buttons to turn it on. Stick your hands in quickly before you get the urge to scratch your nose!

This UV nail lamp has a great plastic shield which covers the light. This is great because it protects your eyes if you accidentally look into it. This nail lamp is perfect for people who have busy schedules and can’t find the time to go to the salon regularly. The convenience of an at home professional manicure makes the price more than worth it.

Everyone who has used this lamp loves the beautiful and professional looking manicures that come from it. The biggest downside of this nail lamp is that it’s kind of an eye sore, so make sure you’ve got a place to store it so it doesn’t ruin the decor of your bedroom or wherever you decide to put it!