What are the dos and don’ts of nail care?

Photo by Yellow Sky Photography


DO let your nails breathe and leave them unpolished every now and then. I know it’s tempting to always have a great color to compliment your style, but if you take care of your nails they should look great with or without nail polish.

DO have lotion near your home sinks. Washing your hands can leave them dry. This is especially the case when washing dishes with strong detergent. This can leave your nails dry and brittle. By keeping a moisturizer nearby you will be able to keep you nails from drying out.

DO wear gloves when you are doing any sort of housework. The products you use to clean the house can be damaging to your hands and nails. Protect your hands by keeping them covered.

DO use oils on your nails. Oils are a great way to strengthen and smooth your nails.

DO eat foods that are filled with calcium and vitamin A. This is great for your nails.

DO regularly clean the tools that you use when giving yourself manicures. Unclean tools can sometimes lead to infections.

DO use a nail file to fix your broken nails. It may be tempting to just nibble at your nails the fix any breakage, but a better idea would be to carry a nail file in your bag should you run into any problems.


DON’T file your nails when they are wet. Your nails are weak when they are wet. You will get the best results when filing them dry.

DON’T wash your dishes with incredibly hot water. This could lead to dry, brittle and unhealthy nails.

DON’T walk around with your nail polished chipped. It simply does not look good and can make you look sloppy even if you are wearing your best clothes.

DON’T peal your nail polish off. Peeling your nail polish off will damage and weaken your nails by removing the top layer of them. Always use nail polish remover.