What is the Best At Home Foot Soak

There’s so much more to a wonderful pedicure than just the color you pick to go with your new sandals. You can’t forget to pamper your feet and make them feel good in addition to looking good.

A home pedicure spa is the ultimate way to treat your feet before a pedicure, and these are just a few of some of the coolest ones out there. When you have the best foot soak, you’ll be able to soak, massage, and relax your feet and feel good before you get to the painting.


Foot Baths: Heated Foot Bath
This heated tub is the best foot bath for relaxing tired feet by helping to relieve tense foot muscles and increasing blood circulation. It heats water up to 115 degrees very quickly, and then maintains the temperature so you won’t ever have to add in more hot water. Some other cool features are the rotating jets that can be adjusted to two different speeds, the rolling nodes that massage and kneed the arches of the feet, and a removable pumice stone for dealing with rough, dry skin.

While the nodes feel really nice on the feet, they don’t move on their own. You’ll have to roll your feet over them to get the full effect. Another possible downside for some is that you can’t use oils or salt in this without running the risk of clogging the jets. Otherwise, the spa is really great. There’s no mess. The water will stay in the tub since it’s nice and roomy. The roominess also means it’ll accommodate most foot sizes. This one is a little pricey, but it’s absolutely worth it.



Kendal All in One At Home Foot Bath
The Kendal foot spa has everything necessary for easing tension and stress from tired feet. It heats up fast and maintains a constant temperature for ideal heating therapy. It can get very hot, but this is easily avoided by turning off the heat when you achieve the temperature you want. You get a wonderful massage from the oxygen bubbles and high-frequency vibration. There are preset programs that allow you to set the spa to whatever your feet need that day. You can set it to vibration massage and bubbles, vibration massage and infrared, or combine all the settings for vibration, bubbles, heat, and infrared.

Settings and special features aside, this thing is incredibly resistant to heat and aging, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Additionally, you’ll be able to use salts and bath oils without ruining it. It’s very large so all feet sizes should fit comfortably. My favorite part about using this foot spa at home is that it’s very easy to drain out with a drain tube. There’s no awkwardly trying to tip a giant basin into the tub without making a mess everywhere.



Footsie Footbath
The Footsie Footbath has a couple of unique features you may not find in any other best rated foot spa, most notably the dispensable liner system. You get a 10 pack of liners which are placed into the tub and then removed and disposed of when you’re done with your soak. This eliminates any cleaning of the unit after using soaps, scrubs, oils or salts. Anything you want to put into this tub, you can. The bowl is nice and deep at 6 inches, perfect for a therapeutic soak. It has several controls such as heat and vibrate, vibrate only, or heat only, giving you  full control over your spa experience. The vibration is very quiet, so you can relax without a ton of noise from the spa itself. It’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around, but still very solid and durable.



Pibbs Foot Bath Massager
The Pibbs foot bath includes 3 soothing modes: Bubbles, vibrate and heat, and a combination of bubbles, vibration, and heat. There are several attachments to add so that you can rub your sore feet on them. Once again, the nodes don’t move on their own. The bath holds the heat of water very well, however you have to start off with hot water as the unit doesn’t heat cold water on its own. This thing feels durable and well made, but it’s still easy to lift, carry, and dump clean. Best of all, you can use it with oils and salts.


Carepeutic Deluxe Motorized Foot Spa

Now if you’re sick of all the foot spas that come with massage nodes, yet you still have to move your own feet to activate them, then this spa will take care of that. This one includes motorized massage rollers that will eliminate soreness in feet and calf muscles. The digital heating system makes this spa easy to heat up and maintains the temperature. The temperature is also very easy to adjust so that it’s perfectly customized to your liking.

This is the best home foot soak for hitting the legs as well as the feet. The tub is calf deep, so your legs are almost completely covered in water as well. Clean up when your spa treatment is over is really easy since the tub includes a drain valve to clear the water out, and it also has wheels, making it easy to maneuver wherever you need to go.