What is the Best Electric Nail File

Professional electric nail files are not just for the salon. These great nail gadgets are the perfect thing to have in the home for filing, buffing, and even dealing with tough calluses. Fortunately, an electric nail filer is not as expensive as you may think. In fact, they’re incredibly affordable. If you want to see salon style nails at home, then this is a great tool for nail art and nail care enthusiasts, and a must have for nail technicians.


PediNova Electric Manicure Set
The PediNova is an incredible combination pedicure and manicure machine. It comes with 14 tools packed into a sturdy case, making this one easy to travel with and store away. The drill has 4 speed settings, ideal for trimming and shaping both fingernails and toenails, while also being able to smooth out rough skin and calluses.

While the set already includes a lot of attachments, it comes with a nice little form that will allow you to easily order more, should you need them. Everything included is easy to clean and best of all, it’s easy to use for both non-professionals and professionals alike.




Vogue Professional My Manicurist
This electric drill for nails from Vogue Professional will help you achieve salon results on a budget price. It comes with 5 additional drill bits and a nice stand for placing the drill when not in use. There are multiple speed settings, so the tool is wonderful both on real and acrylic nails. Like everything on this list, this drill will be very simple for beginners to pick up and start using right away.




8Decades Professional Electric Manicure Drill
The 8Decades manicure drill is the perfect frill for personal use because of how simple it is to use. It’s very quiet, and doesn’t vibrate as much as some other drills, allowing for much easier control. It includes both forward and reverse controls, allowing it to be used clockwise and counterclockwise. The included bits are very easy to swap and switch around, and adjusting the speed settings is a breeze as well.




Body Toolz Electric Manicure Set
This drill sticks out from the rest because rather than being attached to the power source with a cord, it’s cordless. The device is rechargeable, so you can use it without any wires getting in the way. It comes with 8 tools that are great for trimming, polishing, and shaping nails on both the hands and feet. While it may not be as powerful as some other drills, that just makes it even better for personal use at home. However, this does mean it’s not the right choice if you want something for acrylic nails or calluses, but it does work very well on real nails.




AGPTek Electronic Nail Machine
This nail drill would be the perfect addition to any manicure and pedicure tool collection. It’s low on noise and vibration and includes a replaceable fuse for a nice long life. Use the dial to adjust the speed and the switch to control forward and reverse operation. No tools are necessary for changing the bits, and you can easily activate the drill by using the foot pedal. This drill will help you get yours or someone else’s nails done more efficiently and in less time.




Belle Electric Manicure Drill
Belle’s manicure drill is on the same level as other nail drills that go for hundreds of dollars. It’s very comfortable to grip and includes a base that will hold not only the drill, but all of the drill bits as well. The bits are easy to change, and no additional tools will be necessary to do so. A foot pedal is included for power control.