What is the Best Gel Nail Polish System in 2015

Gel nails are still the ultimate way to have a gorgeous, chip free manicure for weeks, and this trend probably isn’t going away anytime soon. With all of the gel nail polish systems available, you no longer have to set up an appointment at the salon to have perfect nails. For those just getting started, there are tons of systems that come with all of the equipment you need to get your manicure done right out of the box.

If you’d like to mix and match your polishes and lamps here is a guide to some of the best gel nail lamps available and our guide to the best gel nail polish brands.

All of the kits on this list will give you professional results at home for the fraction of the cost of going to a salon regularly.


Gelish Complete Starter Kit

Gelish is one of the top brands for gel polishes and lamps, and what a better way to start off with gel manicures than with a Gelish set that gives you all the tools you need.

This starter kit is the best at home gel manicure system because it comes with everything. You’ll get the Mini Pro 45 LED gel light, foundation base gel, top gel, cuticle oil, PH Bond, cleanser, and remover. You’ll also get two full size gel colors, and additional manicure tools like an orange stick, nail file, and protective gloves.

The set doesn’t include instructions all you need is a little common sense and a couple of Youtube videos. It’s really easy to learn how to use everything as long as you give yourself a couple of practice rounds.

The LED lamp cures polish in 45 seconds and after that your manicure will last for 2 weeks, even for those who don’t go easy on their hands. When you’re ready to remove the manicure, it’s easy to soak it off with the included remover. Best of all your nails won’t be damaged by the removal process.

Gelish makes tons of awesome polish colors so growing your collection won’t be a problem. It’s also easy to find all the other products sold separately, so you’ll be able to replace anything you run out of.



Ciate Geltox Starter Kit

Ciate makes top notch nail products and now they have best home gel nail system for use with regular polish.That’s what’s so cool about this set, you get a gel top coat that will turn all of your manicures in a gel mani no matter what polish you use, from any brand.

This gel system for nails comes with an LED lamp that cures nails in just 60 seconds, the gel top coat, and a cleanser.

This is such a cool system for beginners because you get the benefit of not having to stock up on gel polishes, you can just use whatever you already have in your collection. All your manicures will last for two weeks. The most important thing to note when using this system is that your color polish should be completely dry before applying and curing the top coat, so that can add a bit of additional time to your manicure, but it’s totally worth it.



Nailluv Progressional Gel Nail System

This is the best home gel nail system for deal seekers. This inexpensive set comes with an LED lamp, cleanser, bonder, remover, base/top coat all in one, 5 nail colors, and some traditional manicure tools like a cuticle pusher and filer.

The lamp will cure your manicure in 45 seconds and then the manicure will last 10 days to 2 weeks depending on how rough you are with your hands. The lamp only fits 4 fingers, so you’ll have to do your thumbs separately, which is very common with most small lamps. Just make sure to take you time. Don’t rush through your manicure and you’ll get the best results.

You can use whatever gel polishes you want with this lamp, but it already comes with a lot of nice starter colors.



KISS Gel System

You’ll need to buy the nail polish separately here, but this is a great inexpensive way to get started with gel nails. Once you’ve got your lamp and the polish starter system, you’ll have everything that you need to do a beautiful, 2 week manicure.

To use the LED lamp, just push the button and it’ll beep after 30 seconds and then turn off completely after 60, so it gives you 2 different times which is very useful since different polishes have different curing times. Like most small lamps, you can only cure four fingers at a time.

If you don’t want the KISS nail polish, any other gel polishes can be used with this.