What is the Best Top Coat Nail Polish?

It can be really tempting to skip out on base coats and a good top coat nail polish, but using these products truly does maximize the life, and the look of your manicure. Top coats are one of the most essential parts of a manicure, helping to speed up the drying process, adding a dazzling shine, or preventing chips and wear for days.

I’ve already covered some awesome top coats in my no chip nail polish post, but there are so many more top coats out there, and it would be a shame not to cover them.


CND Vinylux
This is the best nail top coat you’ll find anywhere because of how long it’ll make your manicure last, and because of how strong and sturdy it makes you nails. This stuff acts like a gel top coat without the need for a UV/LED lamp. You’ll end up with a manicure that can last up to a week long, although it seems it’s more common to get 5 days, which is still a really long time.

If you’re the impatient sort, this may not be the top coat for you because it does take around 10 minutes to fully dry, but it’s worth it for the results that you’ll get. This top coat is so good, it eliminates the need for a base coat, although you can still use one for better results, and for protecting your nail base. The consistency of the polish is very thick, but it’s easy to cover each nail quickly. You can use this product to get astounding results with any nail polish you use.



Essie Good to Go Top Coat
This top coat from Essie is a favorite amongst many manicure lovers. That’s because it does so many things. It’s an out the door top coat that will set your nail color within a couple of seconds because it’s specially formulated to have a quick dry effect. You’ll be ready to head out soon after applying a coat. Additionally, it dries rock hard, adding some strength to your nails and aiding in increasing the longevity of the manicure. You’ll be able to get about 5-7 days of no chip color depending on how active you are with your hands.

Some people love using this as a base coat as well, since it strengthens nails. It works especially well when used as a base coat for glitter polish since the glitter polish will come off more easily. To top it off, it dries super shiny, so your nails will look glossy and beautiful for days.



INM Out the Door Top Coat Nail Polish
This is a non-yellowing, fast drying top coat nail polish that will seal and protect nail polish for a manicure that lasts about a week without chipping and no wearing at the tips, all with a super glossy shine. On top of that, it dries in about 45 seconds, so you’re quite literally out the door soon after you’ve painted your nails. This one does tend to get gooey after some time, so it’s better to get a smaller bottle unless you change your nail color a lot and need a bigger bottle for more product.



Sally Hansen Big Shiny
Sally Hansen can be hit or miss with some of their nail products, but when they’re good, they’re really good, and this top coat is one of the good ones. Like the name says, the finish you get with this polish is incredibly glossy. It will make your nails look as though you’ve gotten them done at the salon, as long as you do a good job applying the color, of course. The glossiness keeps dark colors from getting that dull look that can happen after a few days of wear. On top of that, the top coat both enhances and protects the polish for shine that will last several days.



Dazzle Dry Top Coat For Nails
Dazzle Dry Top Coat makes nails rock hard, protecting not only your polish from being ruined, but nails as well from breaking. The top coat protects the polish, preventing premature wear at the nail tips. You know how with some other top coats, you think your polish has dried when really it’s still soft enough to get ruined when you least expect it? Well, this one dries completely rock hard in several minutes, so you won’t get any nasty, nail ruining surprises.



European Secrets Rock Top Coat
This top coat doesn’t include any nasty ingredients like formaldehyde, and it still does a great job keeping your nail polish on for days even if you’re hard on your hands. Some swear that there is no other top coat comparable to this. The consistency is thinner than some other brands, but you’ll only need one coat to get the long lasting effect, and it’ll still dry rock solid, like a gel top coat. Even cheap nail polishes, the sort that normally chip quickly, will last a long time beneath this stuff.