Why should I use gel nail polish over regular nail polish?

Photo by Floor van den Berg

Gel nail polish is becoming incredibly popular right now, but why should you bother to put so much time, effort and money in your nails? Here are a couple of reasons why gel nail polish is the way to go if you enjoy having long lasting, beautiful nails.

Manicures done using gel nail polish can take a little as 3 to 20 minutes to cure when using a UV nail lamp. If you’ve ever used regular nail polish at home, then you know it could take as long as a half hour for your nails to finish drying and even then you end up scratching your nose and ruining your manicure before you even leave the house.

Gel nail polish lasts a lot longer than regular nail polish. I know when I do my nails using regular nail polish, simple tasks like typing on the computer or taking a shower is enough to cause the nails to chip. A good gel manicure will last up to two weeks without any sort of chipping if done correctly.

Gel nail polish is a great choice if you want to make your nails stronger and let them grow out. Gel nail polish will prevent your nails from breaking and it acts as a protective layer above your natural nails. If you nails are usually damaged, you may find that using gel nail polish helps you to grow your nails out longer than you had ever been able to before. Make sure to properly remove your gel nail polish in order to prevent any damage.

You will have the perfect a vacation manicure. A lot of people love to get manicures and pedicures before going on a vacation, especially a vacation that will involve lots of trips to the beach! The only problem with that is the brittle sand and ocean water will often ruin your cute nails. A gel nail polish manicure will ensure that your fingers and toes look great throughout your entire trip.

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a nail drying lamp and start having beautiful nails that last!